The Kokrobite Chiltern Centre supports children by providing them with an education. While this work invests in Kokrobite’s future, the resources and work that is needed for this comes at a cost. Our hope is that in the coming years, we will be able to widen our services to include more children from impoverished backgrounds.

You can help us to achieve this by becoming a sponsor. Sponsoring a child includes the cost of daily cooked meals, school books and stationary, uniforms and haircuts, shoes and medical care if required. This amounts to £150 GBP per year. When you sponsor a child, you will get regular updates about how this child is doing, their education and the work that the Kokrobite Centre is doing to give them the most opportunities. You will see just how your donation is having a positive effect on their lives.

£150 GBP per year is the equivalent of £2.90, about the price of a large cup of coffee, a week. This might not mean very much to you, but to a child in Kokrobite it means an education, medicine, skills for a future job and social interaction with children their own age. It means a way out of the poverty that their family may have been trapped in for generations. Surely this opportunity to give someone a future is worth a few cups of coffee!

Sponsoring is really easy. Just get in contact with us; we’ll give you more information and help you to become a sponsor. We always need more generous people to help bring our services to more people, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!